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Дворцы Большой Ялты

This tour is temporary unavailable due to the Russian occupation of Crimea.
Massandra Palace
Продолжительность: 8 часов
Сезонность: круглый год
Максимальный размер группы: не ограничен
Доступно на:* Английский, Русский, Итальянский, Немецкий, Французский, Испанский, Украинский, Польский
Цена тура на одного*
Group: от USD 58
*Пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с информацией в разделе "Цены"
The Crimea with its unique climate and picturesque landscapes was a favorite place for summer vacations of the Russian Tsar Family and the Russian Noblesse. In the 18th century the Great Yalta has become the Russian summer capital, and beautiful palaces and parks started emerging there. You will see the gems of the Palace architecture and landscaping. You will visit the white-stone Livadia Palace of Nicholas II with its beautiful park descending to the very sea, the palace which hosted the WWII Yalta Conference – the meeting of the heads of government of the USA, the UK, and the USSR: Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. On this tour you will also see the stately Count Vorontsov Palace in Alupka with its famous park, and Alexander III Palace in Massandra, which was deployed in the Soviet times by Stalin as his dacha. And finally, there will be made a stop-over by the most pictured in the reference to the Crimea sight, which is the Swalow’s Nest overlooking the Ai-Todor Cape. This intense tour is a definite must in the Crimea. You will see the best of the best the Crimea has to offer just during one day.
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Arabian courtyard
Arabian courtyard
Group Количество участников Цена, USD
GROUP 1 - 2 От 246
3 - 5 От 133
6 - 15 От 73
16 - 25 От 62
26 - 40 От 58
  • Стоимость на одного участника зависит от колчества туристов в группе
  • В стоимость включены все налоги и сборы
  • Входные билеты на объекты показа включены
  • Цены могут изменяться без предварительного уведомления
  • Возможность проведения экскурсий на языках, отличных от английского и русского, а также цена таких экскурсий, подтвержжается отдельно после оформления заявки.
  • Может взиматься дополнительная плата за встречу в местах, где действует пропускной режим и / или взимается плата за вход или въезд.


Hello to all of you at Ukraine Tours,

we are back home again and this is just to tell you that we had a wonderful time in Ukraine!!
We saw a lot, enjoyed everything and met a lot of very nice and helpful people.
Although we do not speak any Ukranian (or Russian), we managed to communicate with a lot of people.
I`m quite sure that I will visit your country again in a year or two!

Thanks to you and all the best,

Katrin, Germany

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