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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the common questions we receive. If there is a question you would like to see answered on this page, please, e-mail your idea.

Q: Do I need visa for entering Ukraine?
A: We are pleased to confirm that starting from September 2005 citizens of the following countries do not need visas anymore:
European Union countries, Swiss Confederation, Liechtenstein, Canada, Japan, USA.
The rule is valid for short term visits, up to 90 days.
Visas are not required also for the citizens of the following countries:
Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.
Other countries citizens still need visas for entering Ukraine.
Citizens of Turkey can obtain their visa upon arrival to Odessa or Simferopol Airport. More details >>.

Q: Why I cannot book my hotel in Ukraine immediately on-line?
A: No hotel in Ukraine has guaranteed on-line booking system. It is technically not supported by hotels in Ukraine, as to the current moment. Any assurances about immediate on-line booking system for Ukraine are, so to speak, "insincere".

In order to be sure you get the specific room in the specific hotel for the specific dates you request, the availability should be confirmed with this hotel first. It cannot be made in the real-time of your on-line request. Therefore you get the booking payment details after the hotel confirms the room availability only. There is no other way to be sure customers get what they want. All the hotel bookings are confirmed within 24 hours from the moment payment guarantee is received, if not on the week-end of holidays. Latter bookings are confirmed the first working day after. Your credit card is billed within 14 days prior the hotel check-in date.

Q: When is it better to start bookings for my trip to Ukraine? 
A: 45-30 days prior to your trip. Within this term you will be able to process your visa timely and domestic transportation will be available for booking. But if you are traveling in high season it is better to take care of accommodation earlier than this term.
Although we process last minute requests too, please, allow at least two working days for processing.

Q: How do I book?
Request for booking can be placed on-line - each service page has a booking link. 
If you are not sure which hotel or transportation to choose, please, feel free to e-mail us with questions.
Having checked availability, we will send you the invoice for the requested services within 24 hours from the moment your request was submitted, if not on the weekend. 
If services you request are unavailable we will offer you alternative options.

Q: What are my payment options?
You can pay for the requested services via credit card - we accept Visa and MasterCard, or by a bank transfer, in US dollars or EURO. Card payments can be settled on-line via SSL secure connection or as a mail-order.

Q: How do I pay with a credit card?
Please, specify so when completing the request for booking form. Please, note the forms collect only service relevant information. They do not collect your credit card information.
When mail-order option is requested, you will receive the invoice and credit card payment form for completing and faxing to us with your credit card copy (and passport copy for amounts exceeding USD 499).
When using on-line payment option, you will receive a payment link to follow for completing your booking.

Q: Can you process the payment if I simply send you my credit card information by e-mail or put this information to the booking form or pass it via phone?
Unfortunately, no.
For mail - order options, there will be required the completed credit card payment form and credit card copy - front and back sides (and passport copy for amounts exceeding USD 499).
For on-line payments, you will be requested to follow a payment link.
We do not recommend sending your card information via insecure channels, such as e-mail.

Q: How do I pay via bank?
Please, specify so when completing the request for booking form. We will send you the invoice with our bank details for the requested services.

Q: Which payment option is easier?
Credit card payment option makes booking processing faster and easier - having received the credit card payment, we will process all the bookings within one business day.
When choosing bank payment option, payment should reach our account within 3 days from the moment the reservations are confirmed and the invoice is sent. Due to this, bank payment option cannot be chosen for short notice bookings. Delays in bank operations may cause automatic cancellation of reservations.

Q: When my booking will be confirmed?
When using credit card payment option, your booking will be confirmed within 24 hours from the moment your fax / on-line payment is received.
When paying via bank, your booking will be confirmed the same business day your payment is received. Please, note bank wires take 2-3 days to reach our account in Ukraine.

Q: When my credit card will be billed?
Accommodation cost will be billed 14 days prior to the 1st en-route hotel check-in date. Transportation and other services cost will be billed when the booking is completed.

Q: Do I need the vouchers I have received?
You might, though hotels have your bookings at the reception desk. However, to make the check-in faster you can use the vouchers.

Q: Will I pay to the hotel directly?
We work with hotels on prepay basis only. By the moment of your check-in the hotel accommodation and meals (if booked) have been paid in full to the hotel already.
Only extra services, such as phone usage, other meals, etc should be paid to the hotel directly upon the check-out.

Q: Can you book domestic air tickets for me?
Yes, of course. Please, note domestic air tickets are available for booking within 30 days term prior to a flight. And due to this, make sure to book them as soon as they start being available - 30 days prior to a flight. In peak seasons, some destinations are booked out within 5-7 days from the date tickets become available for booking.

Q: Can you book train tickets for me?
Yes. Train tickets are available for booking within 42 days prior to the train trip. In high season trains are quickly getting booked up too, therefore we would recommend to book the train tickets as soon as they start being available.
If you wish to have a full cabin at your disposal, we can arrange it for you. Please, specify when requesting.

Q: How will I collect the tickets?
Train tickets can be sent to your address via DHL, or can be handed over to you upon your arrival to Ukraine if airport / train station pick up is booked.
For DHL delivery please, advise your full address and phone number. DHL delivery will take 4 working days, the maximum.
For handing over the tickets upon your arrival, please, advise us your flight information.
Alternatively, tickets can be sent to your hotel. In this case, hotel's name, address and your room phone number will be required.
And finally, tickets can be sent by a domestic courier mail to someone in Ukraine. Delivery address, contact person name and phone number are required.



We are back now from our exciting trip to Odessa.
All of us had a very good time in your city and we arrived at home filled with very deep impressions and the hope to meet you again as soon as possible. Thanks again for the perfect BTD service, which has supported us the whole time.

Paul Zimprich, Austria planung beratung coaching training mediation

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