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Marble Caves

Operation: year round
Location: Privolne
Resembling a huge chunk of the Emmental cheese for the numerous karstic shafts, pots, wells and caves, the Mountain Range of Chatyr-Dag treasures the outstanding Marble Cave. Being the most visited in Europe and included to the top five, in terms of beauty, equipped for visits caves of the planet, the Marble Cave boasts the roomy halls, extended galleries and the rarest crystals.
Having been discovered and researched in the end of the past century, the Marble Cave nowadays has the concrete pathways, fencing and lighting to show at its best the miracle that was hidden deep in the marble-like limestone in total darkness for millions of the past years. The water, as a painstaking hard worker, has been creating little by little the breathtaking cave’s design and finery of delicate laces, exquisite chandeliers and distinguishable characters of the flowstone statues. Total length of the arranged for tourists routes exceeds 1.5 kilometers, depth - 60 meters, humidity about 100%, temperature is steady around 9C..
Having just entered the cave you would be greeted by the Master, a huge flowstone sculpture of a manly stern face. The pathway of the Fairy Tale Gallery would wind between the stalactites reminiscent of fairy tail characters; it would lead you to the next cave’s halls and galleries. You would see the 100-meter long Hall of Reconstruction with a chaotic conglomeration of massive lumps at the bottom, 28-meter high walls adorned with draperies of fragile crystal “flowers”, flowstone columns, impressive diversity of stalactites and stalagmites, and the calcite dam dotted with the numbered tubs filled with water. The Palatial Hall displays the stalagmite statues of the King, the Queen and their retinue. In the gallery of the Tiger’s Path there have been found bones of an ancient animal mistakenly taken for a tigers remnants by the speleologists. And though the further research proved them to be the ones of a cave lion, the name of this charming gallery stays unchanged.
The lower part of the cave can be visited with special speleological gear only. Should you wish, it can be rented out for a tour with the poetical name of “The Melodies of Chatyr-Dag”. Within three hours you would be able to travel to the other four lower halls of the cave with a classical music at the background (hence the name of the tour). You would see the Roses Hall with unique stone “roses” on the grotto’s vault and exquisite drapery; passing by the stone Dwarfs and the forest of transparent calcite tubes you would reach the Chandelier Hall of tens of the precious chandeliers decorated with beautiful flowers; you would visit the impressive Balcony Hall and the Hall of Hope.
The Marble Cave is a unique place on this planet and hopefully would stay such in spite of the human intervention to its entrails. Thousands of tourists have been visiting this cave yearly starting from 1989.

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