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Lviv City Break

The Tour Gallery
Lviv, Rynok Square
Number of participants: 1 to 40
(groups, small groups, individual travellers)
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Tour type:City Break
Operation: Year round
Price from: USD 520 per person
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The route and the highlights

On this tour we will explore Lviv, one of the eldest and most beautiful cities in Ukraine. Seems like the city was made for sightseeing, with narrow stone paved streets, eye catching building ensembles, exquisite and enigmatic décors compelling for a closer look and contemplation. Thanks to high density of the sights, we will see a lot of Lviv and have no strenuous walk involved in it.
We will visit the Royal Halls, a former residence of a king with an outstanding treasury collection, same themed exhibition in the annex of the Museum of Ethnography and Arts Crafts, and very unusual and curious Pharmacy Museum.
Alternatively to the museums, we will visit the Lychakiv cemetery, one of the biggest necropolises in Europe.
We'll see all the rural Western Ukraine in a beautiful landscaping park in Skansen on the Lviv hills.
We will also see three beautiful castles in the Lviv region: the oldest Olesko Castle, the eerie and enchanted castle in Pidhirtsy and the pretty well preserved Zolochiv Castle.

The Tour Itinerary

Day 1 We will meet you upon arrival to Lviv and transfer to the hotel.
In the afternoon we will start our journey in Lviv with the walking tour. Lviv is one of the eldest cities of Ukraine, with much of history preserved in stunning architectural monuments, legends cherished through generations of Lviv citizens and multinational traditions. We will see the medieval Rynok Square, beautiful churches, cathedrals and chapels, visit the Armenian Quarter, see Lviv Opera House and some other sights, which deservedly have put this city on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
We will also visit a very unusual museum dedicated to pharmacy theme. The eldest Lviv pharmacy, founded in 1735, currently houses the Museum of Pharmacy with 16 rooms of rare and curious pharmacy related showpieces on 700 sq m grounds. And still, the old pharmacy operates daily for those in need of a medicine.
We will have evening at leisure and overnight in the hotel in Lviv.
Day 2 After the breakfast we will continue exploring Lviv. Before noon we will either make the Museum Tour or visit the Lychakiv Cemetery.
For the Museum Tour, we would visit two museums located on the Rynok square. So the most walking would be inside of the museums. The Royal Halls are located in the gem of Renaissance architecture of the 16th century, the Korniakt House. Having been a residence for Jan III Sobieski, the King Rzecz Pospolita, nowadays this house, namely its four former halls, serve a ground for an outstanding Historical Treasury of Lviv. The rich exhibition of the 16-19th centuries’ items features paintings, clocks, porcelain, sculpture, and musical instruments. The collection is encased with exquisite interior and furniture of the same epoch. More porcelain and furniture you will see in the same named museum, plus art glass, textile, metalwork, and pottery. The nowadays vast museum collection of the 16-20th centuries’ items has been started in the end of the 19th century as Lviv Museum of Ethnography and Arts Crafts.
On the alternative to the above museums sightseeing, we will discover the Lychakiv Cemetery, one of the biggest necropolises in Europe. Founded in 1786 on the place of the 16th century cemetery for indigent, with lack of space and other city cemeteries being closed, the Lychakiv Cemetery since then has become burial place for the most prominent and notable citizens of Lviv - actors, artists, poets, writers, politicians, figures of authority and Maecenas. There can be encountered old graves with epitaphs in Latin, Polish, German, Dutch, Romanian, Armenian and Greek. Though only few burials older than 3 centuries are preserved nowadays, we still can see the one with epitaph in Armenian, dating to 1675. Due to the Austrian legislation, burials neglected and not paid for 25 years should have been destroyed, thus producing new burial places. On the Lychakiv Cemetery there can be encountered many tombs and vaults which are real works of art. The cemetery is almost closed for new burials, with the exception for the UIA (UPA) soldiers, victims of political repressions, warriors of the Celestial Hundred and those killed in the current Russian-Ukrainian war.
After the lunch we will have a nice hiking excursion in Skansen, the open air museum of rural life and architecture. On the picturesque hills in the park area we will see architectural, cult, religious and everyday life objects from all the regions of the Western Ukraine. Scansen displays more than 100 rural architecture monuments. Be it either a house of a wealthy farmer, or a windmill, or an apiary, or a 100 year old village school, or a church - each sample is unique, and encases history and culture of the region. The museum boasts a collection of 21000 exhibits among which are traditional clothes and linen, furniture, musical instruments, pottery, embellishment, old books, icons and other cult items.
Evening at leisure and overnight at the hotel in Lviv.
Day 3 After the breakfast, we will travel the Golden Horseshoe route.
The aged and beautiful castles in the Lviv suburb may become your prime highlight in the region. The gorgeous samples of the Renaissance fortification architecture will be alternated with short rides between them through the scenic and picturesque area that in the 17th century used to be a favorite hunting place of the Polish King Sobieski John III. The oldest in the Lviv region, the Olesko Castle dates to the beginning of the 14th century, with its height at the times of Polish King John Sobieski III. This castle became his birthplace and a family residence at his adulthood. The nowadays museum features a vast collection of decorative and applied medieval arts, tapestries, sculptures and paintings, and is considered the richest Polish art collection outside of Poland. Next castle you will visit was built in the beginning of the 17th century to replace the older wooden fortification in Pidhirtsi. The handsome citadel kept gaining more luxury and style with each new noble owner it had. More than a century of flourishing and prosperity was alternated with quick sloping downhill. Ransacked by Russians, auctioned by Austrians, located on the front line in the WWI, and terribly ruined in the Soviet time, the castle in Pidhirtsi has reached a condition of a picturesque ruin. Neglected, enchanted and still beautiful, the castle desperately needs renovation and is a fertile ground for one’s imagination. The last castle en-route was assembled in the middle of the 17th century in Zolochiv and is one of the best preserved manors in the Lviv region nowadays. Once a royal residence, a retreat for Marie Casimirie, a French-born Polish Queen, nowadays it is a ground for museums of the Lviv Art Gallery. Among other, the palace boasts the most advanced 17th century sewage and heating system, and secret passages beneath. Recently found mysterious rocks with the 14th century inscriptions are exposed in the museum. With the castles’ heyday at the times of the Polish King Sobieski John III, all the three castles may be considered Polish national monuments; with the neglect in the Soviet time – victims of the Soviet regimen; and with the immense charm they radiate – a must-see in the Lviv region nowadays!
We will have evening at leisure in Lviv and overnight at the hotel there.
Day 4 This is the last day of the tour. We will transfer you to the train station or airport.

The tour prices

Number of participants Price per person on twin basis
10  588 
11  566 
12  554 
13  554 
14  543 
15  543 
16  532 
17  532 
18  520 
Single Supplement  340 

The price includes:

  • Accommodation at a four-star centrally located hotel
  • Breakfasts at the hotel
  • English-speaking guide service on excursions and on the day-trip to the castles
  • Private car / minivan / bus transfers on arrival and on departure
  • Private car / minivan / bus transportation on excursions and on the day-trip
  • Admission tickets on the listed sights
  • Please note, if the choice of two options is offered for the sightseeing, only one option for the entire group can be chosen

Not included:

  • Tips
  • Other meals
  • Optional events or services, if any

* Price for one traveller includes accommodation in single rooms at the hotels and does not include single occupancy on the trains

** Prices for tours in languages other than English may be different from the published prices.

*** Please note, medical insurance is mandatory and can be booked with us or at any insurance company. The insurance has to have at least EUR 30 000 coverage and should be valid for Ukraine.

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